#HipHopEd is an approach to education and youth development that is rooted in identifying and building upon the intellectual abilities exemplified within Hip-Hop music and pedagogy. We are committed as educators to work for the continued improvement of the educational experiences of our youth. We are intentional in our efforts to contemplate, evaluate and contribute to Hip-Hop culture through education.

The UK #HipHopEd Seminar Series grew out of engagement with the weekly #HipHopEd chat on Twitter. Founded by Darren Chetty and co-convened by PoetCurious, the seminars take the shape of ‘dialogic cyphers’ involving teachers, hip-hop artists, students, youth-workers & scholars with an interest in exploring the intersections of hip-hop and education and developing practice.

Previous presenters at UK #HipHopEd Events include:

Jonzi D (Breakin Convention)

Ty (Mecury Award nominated hip-hop artist)

Jeffrey Boakye (School 21)

Iesha Small (LKMco)

Shay D (Rapper & Youth-worker,  Underworld Konnect)

Joel McIlven (School of Hip-Hop)

Ilana Webster-Kogen (SOAS)

PoetCurious (Teacher & poet)

Zena Edwards (Poet / activist)

Patrick Turner (Goldsmiths / London Met)

Christian Albert (Teacher & rapper)

Lucy Crowe (B-Girl & Artist Director, Sin Cru)

Sam Berkson (Teacher, Writer & Poet)