UKHipHopEd SEMINAR: “Original/Remix” Tradition,  Innovation and Creative Practices in Education.

UK #HipHopEd Present: ORIGINAL / REMIX? – Tradition, Innovation & Creative Practices in Education

Poet and Educationalist Pie Corbett advocates teaching children how to write stories through the sequence “imitate, innovate, invent”. In his film “Everything is a Remix”, Kirby Ferguson describes the basic elements of creativity as ‘copy, combine, transform’. Ferguson’s ‘transform’ acknowledges the continuing presence of pre-existing material in a way that Corbett’s ‘invent’ perhaps does not. Kool Herc stood on the shoulders of giants in front of two turntables and a mixer, combining the breaks of funk, soul and rock records. In so doing he transformed how people listened to the music, how they danced to it and, as his style became copied and transformed, how music was made. Legendary MC Grandmaster Caz said, “Hip Hop didn’t invent anything, but Hip Hop reinvented everything”. 

Maybe all creative acts are acts of reinvention?

What is creativity?

Can it be explicitly taught?

Does it emerge through intiation into a specific tradition?

Is anything truly original or is everything a remix?

What do we need to know before we can make art?

How do new genres emerge?

What’s the difference between being influenced by someone and stealing their style?

These are just some of the questions that have emerged from past HipHopEd conversations. We have invited artists and teachers to think about how these questions relate to Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop education – but also to education more broadly.

‘Original / Remix?’ will see a number of short provocations offered by artists and teachers along with chaired discussions for all attendees.


Book your place here.

In the meantime, here are some links for you to read on the subject: 

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One thought on “UKHipHopEd SEMINAR: “Original/Remix” Tradition,  Innovation and Creative Practices in Education.

  1. Sounds dope, but I can’t make this one.

    Any London people coming to the Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde gig at the Jazz Cafe on June 5th? Tickets are currently 2 for £20, and my friend Ric is supporting with Jungle Brown.


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