The Reaching Out Show


Once a month on a Sunday TY, Darren Chetty and Poetcurious host The Reaching Out Show on Soho Radio, broadcasting live from their Soho studios. The show is for people who take hip-hop seriously and showcases music from the Hip-hop diaspora with special attention and support given to emerging British artists. Breaking up the music, the 3 presenters invite guests to engage in serious debate around Hip-hop, education, identity, race, gender and a myriad of other topics.

The show has featured interviews and discussion with a number of artists, academics, writers, educators  and publishers including Shay D and Kingpin (Underworld Konnect); Tony D and Locksmyth (The Tone & Smyth Show); Baba Israel, Crystal Mahey-Morgan (OWNIT.LONDON), Sarah Sahim, Vera Chok and many more.


As well as broadcasting live the shows are available to listen back to on the Soho radio Mixcloud page as well as being collated onto The Reaching Out Show page on Facebook.

The next episode of Reaching Out is on November 20th from 1-3pm live on Soho Radio. In the meantime, you can enjoy the last show here




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