Questions to Guide HipHopEd Projects

Below are some key questions from Gosa & Fields (2012) Is Hip-Hop Education Another Hustle – The (Ir) Responsible Use of Hip-Hop as Pedagogy in this book:


I find myself returning to them regularly.

  1. How am I qualified to incorporate hip-hop in my teaching?
  2. What is my connection to hip-hop and am I just exploiting for my own interests?
  3. How will my hip-hop curriculum prepare students for future success?
  4. What interpretations of “hip-hop” will be endorsed in my program?
  5. Will my use of hip-hop place arbitrary limits on youth culture?
  6. What place do rappers, wealthy celebrities, and corporations have in an empowering pedagogy or curriculum?
  7. Am I being realistic in my goals and the limitations of hip-hop?

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