Hiphoped is a critical thing

Hiphoped is a critical thing – Unseen Flirtations (2015)

Hiphoped is a critical thing.

twitter question

and these are some of the responses:

How can hiphop help decolonise the imagination?
What does hiphop mean for modern young people?
What is the relevance of hiphop, today?
What is hiphop’s relationship to modern pop culture?
How has hiphop influenced youth culture?
What can hiphop teach us about creativity and innovation?
Why is hiphop still relevant?
Who or what is hiphop?
Has hiphop caused more problems than it has solved?
Has hiphop solved more problems than it has caused?
Has hiphop brought the world together?
How can hiphop teach us to be entrepreneurs without necessarily becoming entertainers?
Hiphop glamorises violence and prejudice. Discuss.
Which of the hiphop elements is translated best internationally?
Do different groups/ generations have a different idea of what hiphop is?
How has graffiti and street art changed ideas of art?
How has street dance changed ideas of dance?
What role does hiphop have to play in the Civil Rights movement?
How can hiphop help us find a realistic and impactful way of dealing with gangs, cliques and bullies?
Can hiphop fit in with the establishment? Should it?
To what extent can hiphop promote a feminist agenda?
Does hiphop promote negative stereotypes or can it work to promote a positive social agenda?
If hiphop started out as representative of black culture, what set of experiences does it offer white listeners?
Is hiphop a social change movement?
Is hiphop still an effective means to reach female youth?
Is hiphop a limiting depiction of Black cultural expression?
Is the market driven form of hiphop not really hiphop at all, in historical terms?
Why aren’t there any visible protest/ social activist raps for the current zeitgeist?
What is the connection between living environment and hiphop?
Is hiphop irresponsible?
What has been the effect of hiphop in London?
Does hiphop prove that pop culture is fuelled by money?
Why is hiphop the dominant youth culture?
Is hiphop still relevant?
Is hiphop just a label for modern youth culture?



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